With apologies to Chris Rea for a twist on his festive classic, I thought I would write a little blog. It’s all about helping you, your family and your car arrive at your Christmas destination without any mechanical incidents. 
Winter is worse of all seasons for car breakdowns. While you can never 100% prevent a breakdown, regular servicing of your car is like an insurance policy. Sticking to your manufacturers advice on servicing is advice well taken.  
So, if you’re clocking up a few miles this festive time, consider servicing your car before you head out. We know December isn’t the cheapest of months, so here at ABS Vehicle Engineers, were offering a 20% discount off the labour cost of your car’s service in December. 
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Even if you choose not to service your car, these handy tips below will do you, and your vehicle no harm at all. Happy Christmas! 
1. Check your tyre pressures fortnightly. You might need extra air if the car is full of people and presents. 
2. Check your locking wheel nut is handy is case you have a puncture. 
3. Check your car’s oil level, and top up if necessary. If the oil needs refilling regularly, this might be a sign of a problem. 
4. Get your car’s anti-freeze checked and topped up. 
5. When checking levels of screen wash, mix water with a proper screen wash additive that won’t freeze. On this subject, if your windscreen wipers are smearing, this might be an indication that they need replacing. 
6. If your car does not have a lamp fail indicator, walk around and see that all the lights are operating properly. 
7. Treat your car to a clean inside and out. Create a comfortable environment for travelling in, and finally… 
8. Don’t forget those Christmas tunes. “…oh, I got red lights all around. But soon there'll be a freeway, yeah…”This content will only be shown when viewing the full post. 
Happy Christmas! 
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